At Get Cultured we handcraft super-powered beverages using ancient, probiotic cultures.

Here at 'Get Cultured!' we are passionate about naturally fermented probiotic beverages that are good for the gut. Our range of beverages are made with special, naturally occurring probiotic cultures that have been used in traditional cultures all around the globe throughout written and unwritten history, as part of their regular diet for good health. We encourage everyone to 'Get Cultured!' with our drinks and add the rich plethora of minerals, acids, enzymes and probiotic flora back into our diets today, to promote excellent health and wellbeing.

Our drinks are available at selected retail shops and markets in the Bay of Plenty as well as online via our 'SHOP' link above.


(Pronounced ‘kom-BOO-cha’)

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage and could be described as refreshingly tart with a light effervescence and refreshing tang.

The tea is brewed with a naturally occurring acetic acid culture called a Kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria & Yeast).

Kombucha originated in Asia around 5000 years ago, most likely China where it was referred to as ‘chajun’, or the ‘tea of immortality’ by the Qin Dynasty (220BC), and has been known to be brewed throughout time in China, Japan, Korea and Russia. The ‘Kombucha’ name we all know it by today is most likely a mis-pronunciation of a Chinese name, and unfortunately also translates as a seaweed tea in Japan.










We give the Kombucha SCOBY organic sugar and organic teas as it feeds on sucrose and tannins, and then we add organic tisanes for great flavour, all made with our all-natural triple-filtered cloud juice, and in return the culture gives us a beautiful beverage rich in enzymes, minerals and beneficial acids, which are a great addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Because of this, Kombucha is making a stronger daily appearance in cafes and health shops so demand is constantly going up.
More kombucha info at

Flavours currently in production - Vanilla Chai / Berry fruit / Green Tea & Lime / Peach and Rose / Coffee

 You can find this product at the markets we attend, and in selected stores in the Tauranga region


(Pronounced ‘tuh-BEE-cos’)

Tibicos (also known by the misnomer 'Water Kefir') is a fruit soda, made by feeding Tibi (another type of SCOBY) sugar-water solutions and/or fruit juice. Tibi look like little crystals, and can be found naturally occurring on pads of the Opuntia cactus (the Prickly Pear) in their native home of Mexico. Central Americans call the fermented drink made by these Tibi ‘Tibicos’.

We give the Tibi organic raw sugar as it feeds on the sucrose and the minerals, then add our very own all-natural triple-filtered cloud juice, and in return the culture gives us beverage with a wide spectrum of probiotic flora. We then ferment this beverage again with fruit juices for awesome flavour and lots of bubbles!

Water Kefir fruit soda

Only available at the markets and special events, flavours are  - Apple & Berry / Grape / Mango / Guava

Ginger Beer - the orginal and New Zealands only probiotic version.

Probiotic Ginger Beer-----------------------------------------------------

Our ginger beer is not a simple brew made with brewer’s yeast, nor is it the childhood-experiment style brew made with a mere ginger skin ‘Ginger Bug’; instead our special brew is made with a now-rare SCOBY culture called ‘Ginger Beer Plant’, or ‘DSMZ Strain 2472’ as it is known as at the Leibniz Institute – the German Culture Bank (yeah, apparently that’s a thing). Like the Tibi, this culture looks like crystals, but these ones are smaller, smoother, round, gelatinous, and nowhere near as prolific as the Tibi.

This culture has a mysterious past; its origins are possibly in Tibet, yet it somehow ended up in mainstream Britain for 200 years between the 18th and 20th centuries, becoming so popular it was most likely the ‘soda’ behind the old wive’s tale of ‘soda for an upset stomach’, but then it fell completely out of favour during World War 2 due to sugar rationing. Quite ironic really that its slow resurgence back into modern society is due to the kindness of the aforementioned German Culture bank, hmmm…

We feed the Ginger Beer Plant fresh and ground ginger, organic sugar and our triple-filtered cloud juice; in return it gives us the holy grail of ginger beer: a fizzy, spicy, refreshing and probiotic beverage – the goodness of Ginger AND probiotic flora - who would have thought a weird history lesson could taste so good?!

We are, to the best of our knowledge, the only commercial  makers of this probiotic Ginger beer in New Zealand.

Coconut Tibicos


This is a sugar-free lifestyle-friendly version of the fruit Tibicos. We feed the Tibi grains 100% coconut water and in return it gives us …coconut water… but lacto-fermented with a wide spectrum probiotic content! Perfect for the Paleo or sugar-free lifestyle. Coconut tibicos has a rich tang and sometimes a light effervescence too which goes great in smoothies or juices as well as when drunk neat.

You will soon find this product in selected stores and in limited numbers at the markets we attend.

Coconut water kefir


(Pronunced 'keh-FEAR')

Milk Kefir is a cultured milk with a Greek yoghurt-style sour taste to it, but it is widely used as a base for fruit smoothies for a daily dose of pro-biotics.

It is made with a natural culture (another SCOBY), called 'Kefir grains', which look like little cauliflower florets, and has been used to preserve or culture ruminant animal milk (ie. cow, sheep, goat) for centuries, originating in the mountains between Turkey and Russia.

We give the Kefir grains fresh organic milk, it feeds on the lactose and in return we get a thickened cultured milk that possesses powerful health benefits due to high levels of beneficial acids, enzymes and an abundant wide spectrum probiotic flora. We flavour it for our local market customers with locally sourced summer berries and honey and supply to cafes in plain flavour to replace milk and/or yoghurt in their fresh baked goodies.

Flavours currently available - Plain (unsweetend)



(Pronounced ‘tuh-PAH-chay’)


The street food of Mexico! This is the loveable black sheep of our fermented brew family – it is our only brew not made with a special culture;
just fresh pineapple, raw sugar, traditional spices and cloud juice. But we love it all the same as it is fizzy, yummy, pineapple goodness!

You’ll only ever see this at the markets we attend, and only when good quality fresh pineapples are available, as Tepache is best consumed FRESH


For more information on sourcing our 'Healthy brews', see our stockists below or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Here is the latest of what we're up to...

October 2016

Our October workshops went off a treat to start our spring season and our next/last ones for the year are November 26th so if you're keen to learn about making your own probiotic fermented drinks or veggies, then click here for all the details.


September 2016

Summer Markets are booked in!

This coming summer we will be spreading the Kombucha, Kefir and Ginger Beer joy at:

Mount Maunganui's Gourmet night Markets every Friday evening from December till March

Papamoa's Dinner in the Domain every Thursday evening from December till February

Mount Maunganui's 'Big little Markets' the first Saturday morning of December, Jan and Feb

The new 'Vegan Vibes' expo on September 24th, 10am-4pm.



August 2016

Online sales of our RTD Probiotics are now up and running!!! -

We have our boxes now so we can ship our delicious and healthy probiotic drinks country wide, to your door or store. Need a fizzy drink alternative??? These are it!!!

They come in boxes of 12 bottles (and 20's coming soon) and you can choose from 4 flavours of Kombucha, 2 flavours of our unique probiotic Ginger Beer and 1 flavour of our Coconut Tobicos (near zero sugar, fermented coconut water).

Simply click the 'Shop' button at the top of the page or here to grab a supply now.

Whether you're in Kaitaia or Bluff, we''ll do our best to get some to you.


July 2016

Our first Food Show above has now been and gone and was a great learning curve on marketing/selling our products at such an event.

Thanks to all who came and saw and tasted and bought. Our next contemplation is the "Taste of Auckland" Festival in November - thoughts anyone? back to getting our drinks in the shops....



As of June we now have our drinks in 4 stores in Tauranga so locals can get a regular does of goodness. See our stockists list below to see where is is available and there are more in the pipeline.

The Gourmet Night Markets at Mount Maunganui's Coronation Park were our big break into the foodie scene this summer and into 2016.
We were there every Friday evening till March under the only bright purple marquee there and it was an awesome time. We sold oodles of drinks and made lots of new friends and contacts. A big thankyou to everyone who enjoyed our drinks and came back for more each week.
The Mount Gourmet markets are finished for this summer but we will back there in December for another season of cooling everyone down with fresh, cooling, healthy drinks.
We also did Papamoa's "Dinner in the Domain' every Thursday evening during February and March which was also great to be by the sea side as we cooled everyone down.
Now the summer is gone and the markets are over so our winter project is to get our drinks into the shops so you can enjoy them all year round. See our 'Stockists' section for more info.
Visit our Facebook page for the most up-to-date info.




 Spaces are limited so for more info and to book your place now, click here.


So which shops stock our products - where can you get them?

From last December till March just gone, the Gourmet Night Markets at Mount Maunganui's Coronation Park and Papamoa's Dinner in the Domain were our only outlets for our naturally fermented drinks and products, namely Kombucha, Tibicos (Water kefir) Tepache, and Milk Kefir.
With winter now upon us now though, we are getting our Kombucha, Ginger Beer. Coconut water kefir and milk kefir into selected shops in the Tauranga area. Think mostly cafes and health shops.

Currently you can find our drinks at:

Ours cafe

195 Maunganui Road, Mount Maunganui

 Wild earth organics Tauranga

Wild earth Organics

777 Cameron road, Tauranga.

Bethlehem Health and Tea shop

229c State Highway 2, Bethlehem,

 Flaveur Breads  

31 Totara Street, Mount Maunganui

Watch this space as we up production to go into more shops :o)

In the meantime if you are interested in stocking our drinks yourself for retail sale, having us at an event or sourcing them for regular personal use, please contact us with the form below and tell us how we can help.
If you'd like to source a culture to make you own probiotic drinks at home you can buy live culture supplies here.

Passionate experimenters and developers of fermented foods and drinks.

We are a David and Claire, a husband & wife team that love life, laughter, science fiction, growing our own food and kayaking adventures. We are passionate about healthy living, letting ‘thy food by thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food’ as Hippocrates once wisely said.

David, a keen fisherman and lover of the great outdoors, has always been passionate about healthy living. In 2009 he took to Kombucha as an addition to his healthy diet and lifestyle and has never looked back.

Claire on the other hand, a keen touring kayaker, nature lover, film and music buff, has had a lifelong love-hate relationship with both healthy living and fast-food joints, and was thrilled to be introduced to Kombucha in 2011 by her awesome future husband. It helped her wean herself from soft drinks immediately, and along with other cultured foods and drinks contributed to fixing digestive and immune issues and regaining good health.

As passionate gardeners and science geeks we both love all aspects of brewing fermented drinks (so much experimenting and growing things), and hope to share our passion with you through our awesome range of delicious, healthy, gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sugar, raw probiotic beverages that are the perfect alternative to fizzy drinks.

We love hearing from people so get in touch with us below.

Phone us on (027) 518 3018

Email us at

or use the form below.

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